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National Welding - Newington

CTfastrak has been the catalyst for discussions from many towns regarding Transit Oriented Development, (TOD). As a major junction for the bus way, Newington has plans to take full advantage of the new transit corridor. Newington sits at the edge of Central Connecticut State University’s campus which has approximately 12,000 full and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. About 10,000 of those students commute on a regular basis from various towns throughout the state.  In 2008, via a municipal tax foreclosure, Newington acquired a 3.9 acre parcel of property located at 690 Cedar Street known as the National Welding site. It sits in close proximity to CT Routes 9 and 175 and is immediately adjacent to the CTfastrak station. The National Welding facility was used as a metal machining, tooling and fabricating plant from 1941 to January of 1994. The facility is currently inactive and unoccupied

CRDA Assistance

The Town has been awarded a Brownfield Grant by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development in the amount of $2 million to demolish the existing buildings and to assess the long-term remediation of the site. CRDA will provide grant administrative services to the Town. Those services include preparing agreements, reports and close-out documents; managing vendor invoices and payments;  retaining a Licensed Environmental Professional (“LEP”) to oversee sampling and testing; filing of regulatory forms, obtaining permits, coordinating with state regulatory agencies and monitoring demolition, debris removal, and clean-up;  procuring demolition and abatement contractors to clear the site and establish appropriate engineered protection and monitoring systems; and  making recommendations for addressing subsurface remediation and post demolition and clean-up actions.

CRDA will also provide development services to the Town including:

  • Assessing the property’s redevelopment potential,
  • Evaluating existing proposals already received by the Town,
  • Soliciting alternatives as required, including the development and marketing of  Requests for Proposals,
  • Preparing and presenting an assessment of options to the Town that includes long term viability, community impacts, demand for services, and revenue impact,
  • Collaborating in setting a land price, and
  • Assisting in negotiations with potential developers and preparing land disposition agreements, purchase and sale agreements and environmental responsibility agreements

Clean up and demolition of the former National Welding facility is complete and ahead of schedule. The building superstructure was abated and is now down and and has been largely removed from the site. Remaining work includes cleaning and inspection of the slab followed by its removal and the grading and restabilization of the site. 

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