Connecticut Regional Market


The Capital Region Development Authority, (CRDA) assumed the ownership of the Connecticut Regional Market (the “Market”), the 1950’s era property located in the South Meadows district of Hartford, in January 2019 under Public Act 18-154.

The Market is a 33-acre facility with over 185,000 square feet of warehouse and refrigerated space located at 101 Reserve Road in Hartford. It is the largest perishable food distribution facility between New York and Boston consisting of four distribution/warehouse buildings, one free-standing restaurant, office space dedicated to real estate management, Department of Agriculture (DoAg) and related federal agricultural services, and a farmers’ market pavilion. While promoting Connecticut Agriculture, the Market serves a dual customer goal by providing a facility for both retail and wholesale trade. At present, approximately 20 tenants are employing approximately 450 persons at the facility daily.

Since acquiring the Market, CRDA initiated several improvements that enhance the experience for the vendors and visitors, including, the paving and striping of more than 200,000 square feet of surface and roadway, repairs to watermains, renovation of Building A’s boiler, mending and extension of the entrance fencing with the installation of two new automatic gates, development of new traffic flow and signage, the installation of additional LED spotlights at the pavilion, construction of a covered bus shelter, and the placement of picnic tables in the area in front of the café for outdoor dining.

Additionally, a seasonal farmers’ market is held at the pavilion where members of the public can purchase products such as fresh vegetables, fruits, plants, eggs and honey from local farmers, nurseries, and agricultural merchants.  The farmers’ market attracts nearly 150 vendors on weekends throughout the spring and fall but is managed separately by CT DoAg. The hours of operations are 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays from May through October. The Department of Agriculture has developed a comprehensive COVID-19 health and safety plan for the vendors and the public including masks, gloves, and social distancing. For more information on the market including stall applications visit the Department of Agriculture website.

Goman & York Market Study

Farmers’ Market Pricing

Covered Stalls (Vendors Only)
3 Month Block:  $325/per stall
6 Month Block:  $585/per stall
Full Season:       $1,150/per stall

Uncovered Stalls (Vendors Only)
3 Month Block:   $290/per stall
6 Month Block:   $520/per stall
Full Season:        $1,025/per stall

Uncovered Stalls (Jobber)
Full Season Option Only: $1,150/per stall

Farmers’ Market Information